Rajasthan- India

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ArtInn, Jaipur

During my initial month in India while undertaking my project, The Power of Tradition in Contemporary Textile Art, I will mostly be staying at ArtInn, Jaipur. This is a Homestay, and a non-profit, non-government organization dedicated to traditional  arts and culture. Artinn Jaipur was founded by Devena Singh in order to provide a forum for facilitating research, preservation, and the promotion of traditional and contemporary arts and culture, and offers Artist’s residencies.

Through exhibitions, events, and workshops, ArtInn Jaipur aims to stimulate an exchange of ideas, while fostering creative expressions and encouraging further research. Art exhibitions organized  aim to foster creativity and critical thinking while providing contemporary artists with the opportunity to explore and create new work using the traditional techniques.

The center actively works with artists to conceptualize and create specific artworks and exhibitions, which take up a traditional idea or contemporary issue and combine it with traditional techniques which we hope will be inspiring and provocative for local artisans and craftsmen and the global audience. It aims to assist in the promotion of the rich and diverse arts & culture of Rajasthan, India, with particular emphasis on the traditional  art, textiles, crafts & culture of the people of the Rajasthan. The art residencies are  dedicated to increasing cross-cultural understanding and exposure to the arts internationally through exhibitions, programs and services to artists, arts institutions, and the public.

Devena Singh

The owner and founder of ArtInn, Devena Singh




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About TexstyleArt

I am an artist, designer, craftworker and teacher. I work in mixed media and textiles, combined with painting, beadwork and embroidery.

My name is Elizabeth and I have been working with textiles since 1984. Previously a painter, I decided I could transfer my skills to fabrics as I had been taught to sew from a very early age. I love the versatility, colours and designs of textiles, and specialise in recycling and upcycling materials. I often work with mixed media, and frequently now include drawing and painting in my art pieces as well as textiles. Other techniques may include printing, hand weaving and hand knitting.
This site will be to show artworks I have made using an embellisher, painting and other techniques: some pieces are wall-hangings which may be quilted, others are framed pictures . There are links to my other sites for handmade or recycled items when I produce them
I exhibit and demonstrate at large craft fairs several times a year, which I love doing. It is great to see people who want to learn and try new skills, and be in a position to help and inspire them.

Adjusted dartmoor embellished
Somewhere on Dartmoor – embellished fibres

– a link to my site for recycled items.
– a link to my site for original handmade items.

My Facebook page:       https://www.facebook.com/pages/ElizabethsMarket-TexstyleArt/877453395630050






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