Dastkar Bazaar

On my way back from Amber Fort, I noticed signs for Dastkar Bazaar by an imposing entrance set back from the main road, which didn’t look like a hive of tourist market stalls; in fact, outward appearances suggested otherwise, so I ventured in to have a look.

The site is extremely pleasant to be in, well laid out, with an abundance of greenery and trees offering cool shade from a blistering sun. Avenues of shops surround the outer walks, making it easy to view each shop, the names of the artisans, and shops opposite. It is easy to look at the wares on sale, and speak with the individual craftworkers in peace. The standard of work is very high.

Dastkar, a private not-for-profit NGO, has set up The Dastkar Bazaar in the city with the aim of bringing together crafts and craftspeople from all over the country. Planned along the lines of the similar market in Delhi’s Andheria Modh, the bazaar will not only give local Rajasthani craftsmen an opportunity to showcase their work, but also bring arts and crafts from far corners of the country to Jaipur. There will be tribal jewellery from Ladakh, pottery and furniture from Uttar Pradesh, glasswork from Delhi, Maheshwari weaves from Madhya Pradesh,Kolhapuri footwear from Maharashtra, silk fabrics from Bihar, Kalighat paintings from West Bengal, filigree work from Odisha, leather products from Andhra Pradesh and more.

While some select artisans will be setting up a permanent shop at the bazaar, the overall theme and participants are expected to change every 3 weeks to bring people something new every time. Weekends at The Dastkar Bazaar promise to be even better with live craft demonstrations (watch out for the gourd lantern carving!), workshops and cultural performances. There will also be a food court for when you want to take a break from all the shopping!”   Quote from Dastkar









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